A very warm welcome to this year's synth festival, Bodyfest at Nalen on the 15th of October.

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft [DE]

A dream of ours since many years, have finally come true! We are both excited and happy to announce Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft for Bodyfest 2016!

As pioneers within the electronic music scene, DAF's Gabi Delgado and Robert Görl are already well known to many of you that are interested in the EBM scene. With their sweaty and erotic sound and songs like "Der Mussolini", "Verschwende deine Jugend", "Der Sheriff" and "Kebabträume" they have influenced many other artists, both within and outside the EBM scene. Among them, artists like Nitzer Ebb, Laibach and Gesaffelstein. DAF started in 1978, in Düsseldorf, Germany, and have over the years released seven albums and played at festivals like Wave Gotik Treffen, Amphi and Arvika. They were last seen in Stockholm at Göta källare in 2014.

This show is exclusive and will be the only show for DAF in Sweden 2016! So, join us for a night to remember and don't forget - Tanzen alle das ist schön!

Dive [BE]

An overview of more than 3 decades and a selection of Dirk Ivens other projects

In December 2014 The Klinik officially did their last show. A giant within the Electronic Body Music scene shut down the engine and leaved numerous albums and hit songs behind. Dirk Ivens, half of the main force behind The Klinik, now concentrates on developing the other bands that bear his signature. Dive started out in 1990 and with minimum equipment this one man project creates maximum power. From the self-titled debut in 1990 to the compilation box "Compiled" in 2013 we have been served a meal with primitive, harsh industrial music.

This show will be the best of all these years including songs from the other related projects such as Blok 57 and Absolute Body Control. Prepare for the best one man show that you’ll ever witness.

Armageddon Dildos [DE]

Armageddon Dildos, the German cult band formed by Uwe Kanka and Dirk Krause in the early 90's, is joining the line-up of Bodyfest 2016! The band has made several floor filler hits over the years like "East west", "Resist" and "In my mind" to name a few and some of Armageddon Dildos’ records were released by the legendary record company Zoth Ommog. Even though only one of the founding members, Uwe, is left, Armageddon Dildos still does the energetic and danceable EBM the band has been known for.

Armageddon Dildos is an excellent live act and the last time the band performed live in Stockholm at Klubb Bodytåget in 2009 was no exception. We are proud to welcome Armageddon Dildos back to Stockholm!

Jäger 90 [DE]

Achtung ein Jäger! Jäger 90 is back in Stockholm for the first time since the show at Klubb Bodytåget in 2009.

The EBM mastermind Thoralf Dietrich started the band in 2005, which from the start has been heavily influenced by Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. Jäger 90 has adopted the EBM sound of the early 80's and their music is very minimalistic but at the same time energetic and catchy.

We are pleased to welcome Jäger 90 back to Stockholm and Bodyfest!

Metroland [BE]

Bodyfest is proud to announce the Belgian success Metroland - the sound of the underground! Ever since the first album back in 2012 Passengers A and S have mixed the sound of Düsseldorf with vintage electro and a lot of creative ideas. With their combination of hard drums and catchy melodies, Metroland is a fantastic experience live on stage. A euphoric explosion with a modern taste of Kraftwerk, in fact the best predecessor we have ever heard when it comes to managing the legacy of the German legends. Metroland were a real success at the Swedish festival Kollaps #2 and we at Bodyfest are very happy to welcome this excellent band back to Stockholm!

Rein [SE]

One of the most interesting artists to watch during 2016, that's for sure. With last year's Bodyfest still fresh in mind we all of course remember the raging blast of a guest appearance for The Operating Tracks and the song "Testify", a song that even made it to TV4's morning show. Joanna Reinikainen started making her own music a couple of years ago and

recently released her self titled debut EP with five tracks in the beginning of the year. With anger, rage and revenge she spits out the lyrics to pulsating bass lines and pounding drums. In time for this performance we will have put together an exclusive late night show with new tracks and guest artists especially for the Bodyfest audience. A warm welcome to this show, reckoning is upon us all.


Bodyfest will take place at Nalen, located at Regeringsgatan 74, Stockholm, Sweden.


Nalen have their own restaurant in the same building as Bodyfest.
Tabbouli, Regeringsgatan 70, serve Lebanese food.
Serwito, Regeringsgatan 77, serve Italian food.
Niklas, Regeringsgatan 66.

There is also a bunch of restaurants at Kungsgatan, two blocks south of Nalen. Your Bodyfest ticket is valid the whole evening, so if you are hungry you can go out and come back later.

About Bodyfest

Bodyfest is the leading Swedish festival within the EBM, body and electro punk scene. Bodyfest started in 2010 and since 2011 it has taken place annualy at the venue Nalen in central Stockholm. Both Swedish and international acts will perform, and it will be an awesome mix of both old favourites and hot newcomers. We promise you tons of sweat and stomping!

During the years, the following bands have performed:

32Crash, Apoptygma Berzerk, A Split Second, Autodafeh, Borghesia, The Cassandra Complex, Container 90, Das Ich, Dupont, EkoBrottsMyndigheten, Front 242, The Invincible Spirit, The Juggernauts, Karin Park, The Klinik, Kommando XY, The Neon Judgement, NordarR, No Sleep by the Machine, NZ, Oldschool Union, The Operating Tracks, Orange Sector, Pankow, Parade Ground, Portion Control, Pouppée Fabrikk, Schwefelgelb, Spark!, Spetsnaz, Stockholm Wrecking Crew, Sturm Café, Tyske Ludder, Vomito Negro and Wulfband.


Please send all inquiries to info (at) bodyfest (dot) se